Saturday, April 30, 2011

Woody What-Nots Canvas Set

This was a popular one at the fair today.... a set of 4 Woodsy canvases. Perfect for any boy's room. They are made of mixed mediums including vinyl, paper, and paint. This set would look great hung on a line of ribbon or rope on the wall, placed on a shelf, or hung using 3M tape in the square. I used Lettering Delights "Woody What-Nots" file to complete the project. To purchase click HERE. I first painted the canvases with a shear coat of light tan paint. Then cut the animal pieces out of cardstock. The animals were adhered to the canvas using Mod Podge and double-sided tape. I also inked the edges in brown to create dimension. The oh-so-cute phrases were cut in black vinyl. The vinyl made them very easy to apply.


  1. I like these...needs a 'Crafty as a fox' though/ How do you ink edges? I don't speak papercraft! :D

  2. Pretty much everything was inked on here. The animals were inked using Close to My Heart distressing inks in Chocolate. The canvas itself was done using basic paint from Michaels.

    You ink edges by using a distressing ink and basically running the sides of the paper on it. You can get a little of the front as well. The ink helped show these animals and letters a "pieced together" and more handcrafted. This set was a big hit at the craft fair but the big question was "what do you do with them???"


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