Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Screw It - I Am Doing It Today!

I recently read a great post on an easy Advent Calendar made of paper rings at Blissful & Domestic's site.  I love her site.  She keeps it simply, easy, and, most importantly, fun!  She had some great ideas on each ring for the activity of the day.  You can read her post HERE.

So it's already December 3rd.  My rational, A-Type, no-fun, practical personality would say to wait and try this next year.  It's too late and you don't have time to make one?  Plus what if you don't do the activity for the day?  It will be a disappointment. But my mommy side says "SCREW IT - DO IT NOW!  Who cares if you are a couple days late?  Lukeyloo would love to count done each day and even if you miss a day or too some is definitely better than none.

Taking time for fun and family doesn't have to be perfect or done the right way.  The best memories are often made when things get a bit hairy.  Staying lighthearted and enjoying the Christmas season with Lucas is where I want to be!

My Goal Today - Make a Advent Countdown!

Wish me luck.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Baby Card Using Papertrey Ink's Boutique Borders Baby Collection

Happy Saturday!  This card was created based on Sketch Saturday's #284 Sketch.  I used PTI's Boutique Borders Baby Stamps and Die and LOVED them!  My first Sketch Saturday entry was so, so funny to do! Here's Sketch Saturday #284 Sketch I worked from:

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Saying "Thank You" Without Stamping

This thank you card was based on a sketch for Mojo Monday's #318 Challenge.  I started the card with stamping in mind but ended up not stamping at all --- a rare thing for me.  Here are some supplies I used:

- Stampin' Up Beautiful Wings Embosslits die
- My Mind's Eye Lost & Found 6x6 Paper Pack - Madison Avenue
- "Thank You" Rub-on - The Paper Studio
- Pink Gems - The Paper Studio
- Square Die Cut - Heidi Grace Daydream Collection
- Embossing Folder -Quickutz

The Mojo Monday #318 Sketch was this:

It was fun participating in this challenge - even if I didn't stamp anything!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday

A fun little card I made for Papertrey Ink's Make It Monday #139.  The challenge was to use border stamps to make a square.  I used the only border die I had from the Boutique Borders - Baby stamp set.  I also used the Think Big Favorites #12 for the "happy" stamped 3x.  The birthday die is from PTI as well.  I pulled out the Close to My Heart's Whooo's Your Valentine to make a chevron border in the background.  It was painstaking but I like the result. It was a fun challenge and the first one I have done!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Inspired Freedom Coaching: My Personal Experience

I thought I would take a moment to share with my readers a powerful experience I had this summer completing "life" coaching work with Inspired Freedom, LLC.  It is small business started by a good friend, Jessica Stickel.  Before I dive in, let me give you the backdrop on why I was doing a little soul-searchin'

Back in February 2013, I was laid off from my job of nearly 10 years.  I worked in the retail support industry doing corporate training for many large retailers.  I loved a lot of what my job was all about: travel, flexible schedule, working from home.  This career worked great for me and, most importantly, for my family.  My layoff didn't come as a huge shock - department stores had been floundering for months, years before but nonetheless it was a huge blow to my ego and turned my world upside-down.

I was now delegated to being a mom, searching for jobs online and writing resumes (a lot has changed in 10 years), and taking my spot in the virtual unemployment line.  I had no direction.  I had no "Aha" moment that Oprah so often speaks of.  I had no true passion I was just waiting to dive right into.  I think a lot of people are like this as well.  While I would love to say I always wanted to pen a novel, become a interior decorator, or work for a non-profit that is not the case.  Nothing was tugging at my heart saying "Do this with your life"

Lack of Direction + Lots of Free Time + Being Home All Day With a 3-Year Old = Losing Your Mind.

Inspired Freedom to the Rescue!  One of my besties Jessica Stickel was starting her own personal life coaching company at the time and I jumped at the chance to work with her.  Jessy is A-MA-ZING!  One of those people that have traveled the world, have the kindest heart, and make everyone around them feel special.  I wanted to drink whatever grape koolaid she was drinking and offering.

My life coaching with Jessy was such a wonderful experience.  At first, we discussed the usual - goals, problems, etc.  A funny thing happens though once the sessions continue on.  You begin to learn more about yourself than you ever thought.  I started to realize all the negative self-talk I was giving myself.  How I use these "beliefs" to keep my stuck in the mess I was in repeating the cycle over and over.  By the end of sessions not only did I gain insight into the authentic "Katie", I also learned how lessons on staying and living with abundance.  Actual skills I could use to live the life I was meant to live whether I knew my true passion at the time or not.
 Jessy & I canoeing on Lake Winnebago Thanksgiving Day 2012 for our self-titled "Turkey Paddle"

As I look back, I often wonder "Could I have truly discovered my passion if I was still unaware of who I was?"  Must one know themselves before they can be themselves?  This experience was unbelievable and life-changing for me moving me past being laid off, feeling lost, or just being "a mom."  I am Katie and your going to hear me roar!

Jessica Stickel offers amazing life coaching packages at her website: http://www.inspiredfreedomcoaching.com/ or you can visit her on Facebook

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Halloween Purse

 This fun & spooky purse was made using the Luxury Handbags kit from SVGCuts.com.  This purse was fast to put together and an easy project if you haven't dabbled much in paper crafting.  My mom & I had a great time making our "purses".

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Power of the Mind

Just brushing my teeth this morning.  Staring at a certain man's whiskers around the faucet.  Wondering my house is unclean all the time.  But maybe it isn't dirty?  Maybe my attitude says it's dirty but in reality is completely acceptable as a tidy Midwestern home.  I think sooooo...... 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I thought I would share this quote I came up with yesterday while shopping with Lukeyloo at Walmart.   We were in the clearance section and amazingly there was toys on one side of the aisle and craft items on the other... my perfect world!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Free Writing

This is a little free writing I did tonight in the midst of a storm at my house.  I got home 7:30 pm from work and Lukeyloo cried, and whined, and disagreed from the time I opened the door to the time he went to bed (or as he is going to bed crying right now).  Trying to remember as Gretchen Rubin says "The days are long but the years are short" but finding it quite hard right now.  I wrote this free writing to express the turmoil I feel tonight, at this moment:

Jumping off a cliff. Drying up a storm. Toes, feet, toes wriggling ready to go.  Gray stone smooth and white traces of gold fill up the flight to the staircase I seek my random of choices.  To the the staircase I venture far from home.   Cross-winded are my lungs, my thoughts, my heart.  Unsure of each wobbling step with the wobbling ankle.  Trees go by as I drift. Chunks of ice follow the stream.  The birds above so certain of their direction.  I would not dare to follow as fakeness is not a path to my destination.

Sitting at the airport in Kansas City on a business trip

- Katie