Thursday, April 21, 2016

Liftapalooza 2016: Natalie & Lessons in Letters

Happy Days are here again!  I had time this morning to complete another one of Scrapbook Challenge's Liftapalooza sketches.  This time it was Natalie's sketch.

Here is her version:

What I loved most about her page was how simple and effortless it looked. It also made good use of patterned papers.  I came up with this fun version:

The hardest part was deciding on a great phrase. I used some cute Pink Paislee wood veneer letters.  Unfortunately there was only one letter of each in the package besides some commons ones like the "a" and "e".  I had to be creative with the words I chose so I had enough to finish.  On the bright side, choosing the right patterned papers was a breeze.  This part I typically struggle with.  Choosing the kite embellishments (impulse buy from Michael's) made finding the right card stock easier... something I'll need to remember in the future.

Until next time!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Liftapalooza 2016: Ali Scrapbook Challenge

I'm back in the saddle again.... the scrapbooking saddle that is!  With two under the age of two and a super-energetic boy who just turned 7, I have ZERO time to scrapbook.  This week I had a bad case of "create-a-page" itch and discovered Scrapbook Challenge's Liftapalooza post at just the right time.  I have been following them for a couple months now and was excited to try a challenge.

The first designer on their "Main Stage" was Ali.  This was her page:

Using Ali's inspiration, I created this page:

Is this my best work?  I hope not!  Is it the best I can do right now with my current life demands?  You bet.  I am hoping to keep up with all the fun at Liftapalooza!