Monday, January 14, 2013

Free Writing

This is a little free writing I did tonight in the midst of a storm at my house.  I got home 7:30 pm from work and Lukeyloo cried, and whined, and disagreed from the time I opened the door to the time he went to bed (or as he is going to bed crying right now).  Trying to remember as Gretchen Rubin says "The days are long but the years are short" but finding it quite hard right now.  I wrote this free writing to express the turmoil I feel tonight, at this moment:

Jumping off a cliff. Drying up a storm. Toes, feet, toes wriggling ready to go.  Gray stone smooth and white traces of gold fill up the flight to the staircase I seek my random of choices.  To the the staircase I venture far from home.   Cross-winded are my lungs, my thoughts, my heart.  Unsure of each wobbling step with the wobbling ankle.  Trees go by as I drift. Chunks of ice follow the stream.  The birds above so certain of their direction.  I would not dare to follow as fakeness is not a path to my destination.

Sitting at the airport in Kansas City on a business trip

- Katie

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