Thursday, October 24, 2013

Inspired Freedom Coaching: My Personal Experience

I thought I would take a moment to share with my readers a powerful experience I had this summer completing "life" coaching work with Inspired Freedom, LLC.  It is small business started by a good friend, Jessica Stickel.  Before I dive in, let me give you the backdrop on why I was doing a little soul-searchin'

Back in February 2013, I was laid off from my job of nearly 10 years.  I worked in the retail support industry doing corporate training for many large retailers.  I loved a lot of what my job was all about: travel, flexible schedule, working from home.  This career worked great for me and, most importantly, for my family.  My layoff didn't come as a huge shock - department stores had been floundering for months, years before but nonetheless it was a huge blow to my ego and turned my world upside-down.

I was now delegated to being a mom, searching for jobs online and writing resumes (a lot has changed in 10 years), and taking my spot in the virtual unemployment line.  I had no direction.  I had no "Aha" moment that Oprah so often speaks of.  I had no true passion I was just waiting to dive right into.  I think a lot of people are like this as well.  While I would love to say I always wanted to pen a novel, become a interior decorator, or work for a non-profit that is not the case.  Nothing was tugging at my heart saying "Do this with your life"

Lack of Direction + Lots of Free Time + Being Home All Day With a 3-Year Old = Losing Your Mind.

Inspired Freedom to the Rescue!  One of my besties Jessica Stickel was starting her own personal life coaching company at the time and I jumped at the chance to work with her.  Jessy is A-MA-ZING!  One of those people that have traveled the world, have the kindest heart, and make everyone around them feel special.  I wanted to drink whatever grape koolaid she was drinking and offering.

My life coaching with Jessy was such a wonderful experience.  At first, we discussed the usual - goals, problems, etc.  A funny thing happens though once the sessions continue on.  You begin to learn more about yourself than you ever thought.  I started to realize all the negative self-talk I was giving myself.  How I use these "beliefs" to keep my stuck in the mess I was in repeating the cycle over and over.  By the end of sessions not only did I gain insight into the authentic "Katie", I also learned how lessons on staying and living with abundance.  Actual skills I could use to live the life I was meant to live whether I knew my true passion at the time or not.
 Jessy & I canoeing on Lake Winnebago Thanksgiving Day 2012 for our self-titled "Turkey Paddle"

As I look back, I often wonder "Could I have truly discovered my passion if I was still unaware of who I was?"  Must one know themselves before they can be themselves?  This experience was unbelievable and life-changing for me moving me past being laid off, feeling lost, or just being "a mom."  I am Katie and your going to hear me roar!

Jessica Stickel offers amazing life coaching packages at her website: or you can visit her on Facebook

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