Monday, October 3, 2016

DIY Zig-Zag Corkboard

Here is a quick and inexpensive corkboard you can make at home!  It is super easy to make and pretty much anyone can do it! I promise.
Here's how to make your own:

Step 1: Start with the right supplies: (4) corkboard squares (purchase here from Target), blue painters tape, paint brush, ruler, adhesive square to hang, and any type of craft paint  or spray paint.

Step 2. Layout your squares.  Using a pencil and ruler, draw 1" diagonal lines starting with the center ones first.  I made the middle line slightly larger.

Step 3: Place painters tape on the areas you want to remain corkboard. The exposed areas will be painted.

Step 4: Spray paint the corkboards and allow to dry.  Once dry, peel off the tape.

Step 5: Hand corkboard using adhesive squares.  I used small ones and they didn't hold very well. I would suggest a medium-grade adhesive for better results and a lasting look.

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