Tuesday, August 24, 2010

90 Days and No Hobby Lobby - What will I do?

I don't spend a ton of money on scrapbooking. It is more like 5 dollars at Jo-Ann's, 10 dollars at Hobby Lobby, and another 5 dollars at Michael's. The bigger problem is that I have so many stickers, letters, papers, ribbons, you name it at home. Please kill me if I buy one more baby-themed sticker sheet. I have decided to go on a diet... not a lose 10 pounds diet but a craft store diet. And for how long, 90 days. Yes, 90 days. I figure by than I can slowly break my habit of buying things that are "sooooo cute" rather than things I will actually use. Will it be hard.. yes, yes, yes. I am actually rethinking this decision as thoughts of multi-colored jewels dance in my head. But I am sticking to it. My last purchase... the "Say it in Style" stamp set from Close to my Heart. I have been using my sister's for way too long and she needs it back at some point. So from today until November 22 I will be kissing the craft stores goodbye. I promise to not even go there to finish gifts I am making. I will utilize my fully stocked supply of scrapbooking impulse purchases to the fullest of their capabilities. Wish me luck! (Good thing November 22 is just in time for Black Friday!)

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