Friday, March 23, 2012

DIY Pen Holder & Updates

Hi All! Sorry I have been so MIA lately...... let's just say "life happen" and sometimes family, kids, work need to come first. I am back though and have become addicted to Pinterest and DIY projects. Steve & I have been on a new mission to make our home truly ours. We have lived here for almost 2 years and, although we have decorated, I want to make it more representative of who we are. Just like anything else, cost is always a factor so I have been scouring Pinterest looking for inexpensive decor ideas. So much fun.... here is my first attempt at my own DIY.... a pen holder for my office. I bought the white vase at Goodwill, added a Hambly Studio's Owl sticker, blue paint on the inside, and some rubber bands. Total Cost: $1 for the vase

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  1. Although I love that I attempted this, I hated it. It kept falling over and wasn't very functional. I ended up throwing it away today after it sat in a desk drawer for a couple weeks.


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