Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mickey Mouse Picnic Table using Vinyl as Stencil

I got this toddler picnic table free, yes free from the curb that is. A neighbor had it out one afternoon and I grabbed my husband and snuck it into my car before I could face the awkwardness of a neighbor seeing me. The table was in pretty bad shape but I knew I could make it look great! Some paint and a couple nails would make it look brand new.

My son, Lucas, loves Mickey Mouse and I had been dying to try out creating vinyl stencils so I decided to do a Mickey Mouse theme. I first painted the picnic table with a primer and than glossy black, red, and yellow paints from Valspar.

I downloaded the Walt Disney font and used that for "Mickey Mouse". The profile of Mickey was a free svg file I found on the internet. I imported the file into Sure Cuts a Lot 2 to cut using the Cricut.

My only regret on the stenciling was that I didn't have the stencil down well enough. Some of the yellow and red paint bleed through. I went back later to touch up those areas.

Total cost for project: about $30 for paint and about 25 cents work of vinyl!

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