Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Canvas Art Work

Wanted to Share a Great Decorating tip with you on how to make artwork from simple Scrapbook paper and canvas. This becomes a great unique piece for a very cheap price! Recently I made a set of 4 for my son's Lucas room. He has a vinyl "Jungle-themed" graphic above his bed that needed a little more to it. One day my brother, Eric (who I adore), and I were at Hobby Lobby looking for a project to do. Then it popped into my head: "canvas art". My sister had done the same thing in her room. So I got 4 8X10 canvases and a great paper pack from Sassafras called "Bungle Jungle" (of course I came when the packs were 1/2 off!), green paint, and some orange paint

Here are the steps to create 1 of a kind artwork

1. Place a layer of Mod Podge glue on canvas (any size will work)
2. Cut paper to fit and place on top
3. Try to smooth at any air pockets (it's ok if some are still there - mine had a ton; I promise you if you leave them sit overnight many of them will disappear
4. Allow to dry for 5-10 minutes (ok... maybe I didn't wait that long)
4. Place another layer of Mod Podge on top (you can skip if you like but I like the sheen it leaves)
5. Allow to dry
6. Paint coordinating colors on top, bottom, and sides of canvas (the end parts where no paper is)
7. Allow to dry overnight

I then had my husband hang them up with two nails apiece. The trickiest part of the whole project was getting the canvases level with each other! Enjoy!


  1. These look awesome framing that vinyl image! I like the mix of papers you used.

  2. Cool website Katie! I really like it. I like the Charlie Brown Canvas Art. It is awesome!
    I need some ideas for birthday cards because my friend Ashley,her birthday is on Thursday, April 19th. So i want to make her a b-day card but i don't have any ideas on how to make the card look. Ashley really loves turtles and she used to have one named ruby. Maybe a card that has a turtle(s)on it or an awesome girly birthday card. Just so you know, Ashley is turning 12. Do you have any examples, ideas, designs, or layouts for a birthday card i can make for her?
    One of these days or maybe this weekend my mom and i should come over to your house to scrapbook when ever you have the time to. After Wednesday, April 18, we (my mom and I) are going to have a lot of pictures from our trip to Chicago. So we'll have a lot of pictures to scrapbook!
    Sincerely, Maddy
    (your friend Christy's daughter)


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