Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sticky Notes Holders

Usually when I decide to do a project last minute my husband groans. When I decide to do it last minute on Christmas Eve, he starts immediately be expecting to rush lately to church for Christmas Eve mass. I must say though when I decided to do these sticky note holders last minute I was super impressed with myself. Not only did I get all the supplies in less than 30 minutes, I was also able to get home and complete not just 1 but 5 of them in under an hour. For a first try that is not bad. I got this idea from Kerry's Paper Crafts (thanks Kerry - this was a great idea!)

I purchased 4x6 acrylic frames from Walmart for less than a dollar each. I also got there the sticky notes (mainly had to stick to bright colors -- think about this when choosing papers and embellishments) and the pens

I then visited good 'ole Hobby Lobby and got the ribbon, paper, and flower embellishments (had to pay full price for the flowers - boo!)

1. Cut paper to fit inside of frame and insert
2. Tape the sticky note to the front
3. Tie patterned ribbon at top into bow (I hate tying bows - this took the longest out of everything)
4. Add flower embellishment - I glued on for better adhesion
5. Tie large ribbon on bottom
6. Slide pen between ribbon and sticky notes

I gave these as small gifts to friends and family over the holidays. A token of appreciation - and cute to boot!

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